It’s a digital policy jungle out there…

Nissaba is a brand new initiative composed of a small team of experienced policy negotiators and communicators who have long been frustrated at the lack of consistently high quality, contextualised information about policy development processes underway, presented in such a way that supports readers’ ability to then act on that information in meaningful ways.

Nissaba’s team have significant experience participating in intergovernmental and multistakeholder forums discussing Internet and digital policy issues, and in writing reports of those meetings.

The team is still developing a funding model for Nissaba, but hopes to be able to find enough angel funders from across all stakeholder groups to be able to provide a free information service to all in as neutral a manner as possible. In the meantime, we are producing a selection of materials to demonstrate what we are capable of, and what we hope to be able to provide on a long-term, and much-expanded basis.

This is a beta website, and will be regularly undergoing significant changes in style and format as the Nissaba team works to find the best way to present easily accessible information to a wide range of stakeholders.

We would love to hear from you – not only if you are interested in funding this effort, but also any feedback on what you think is useful about what we are producing, and what you think we need to improve.

We’re still building this site and will soon add a contact form, but in the meantime, you can contact us at the following email address: